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Ode to an Emergency Budget

June 23, 2010

George Osborne spoke, he set the scene….

The nation is in debt.

We’re broke and he will fix it,

Clearly no need to fret!

A billion here, a billion there,

We’ll find the money now.

The poorest will be better off,

But nobody’s sure quite how.

For entrepreneurs, it’s not too bad,

That capital gains tax charge.

£5m they say, at 10%

What’s left may still be large!

For public sector workers,

The cuts will run quite deep.

Let’s hope there’s no strike action,

No promises to keep.

With VAT @ 20 per cent,

Luxury spending may wither.

So if you’re thinking of splashing out,

Whatever you do, don’t dither!

They say you’re still young at 66,

The new retirement age.

But it seems too late to me, you know,

To leave the employment stage.

So some have won and some have lost,

A very taxing day.

There’s only one question that now remains,

Will Capello stay?


Government contracts for entrepreneurs!

August 18, 2009

There are at least two reasons why you might visit  , the only official government lower-value contract opportunity portal, created specifically to provide businesses with visibility and access to smaller public sector contract opportunities.

First, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur but are lacking that spark of an idea, has 1,866 service classifications that you can browse through, and which could give you inspiration for your new business.

But if your business is already established and you take the time to register as a supplier, you can get free contract alerts in a region of your choice as well as gain access to UK-wide contracts through the online search function. For a small cost, you can upgrade to get alerts in a wider geographic area.

So if you haven’t already visited the website, make sure you take a look at this route to winning potentially lucrative Government contracts.