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Good news……or what?

September 23, 2009

There’s so much going on in the business world that it’s difficult to know what to talk about. For the time being, the good news continues to flow and stock markets and house prices are reaping the benefit. The question is whether this can be sustained in the face of increasing unemployment and the inevitable belt tightening that will follow the massive stimulus provided by Her Majesty’s Government. On the negative side, the pound is sinking as prospects for the UK relative to other countries retreat, with even the Bank of England warning of a “long-term decline” in the pound’s value. It’s not all bad news, of course, as a lower pound means more demand for the UK’s products and services.

All of this is interesting, but nothing ranks above the importance of cashflow to our nation of entrepreneurs and their businesses. We are still hearing far too many reports of banks refusing to lend (please only complain if you are a viable business!) and large companies taking extreme liberties with credit. Can it really be that one large company is charging 10% for paying within 60 days, whilst another is charging 3% for paying invoices on time? Is this outrageous, or what?! Why not email me at  with  your experiences in these areas so I can publish them in future newsletters or on my blog?